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This 14" tall Robot will perform amazing functions. Reacts to your commands from 15-20 feet with infrared. Can be programmed to perform 50 differ- ent actions, makes robotic sounds, facial expressions, moves its arms and even shoots foam darts!... and a whole lot more! Charges with USB. Ages 5+. PVS30037 $49.99
Machines: Construction Vehicles
Build 8 models of realistic, heavy-duty construction vehicles and control them with a remote-control unit. The bulldozer has a blade that can be raised and lowered, a backhoe has a digging bucket and a dump truck can raise its bed to empty its contents. Make a mobile crane truck, a road grader, and a forklift too! A 64-page, full-color manual guides your model building and controlling the various mechanism
functions. Ages 6-10.
Tour 1 Stilts
Rise to new heights on these performance-designed stilts! Adjustable height, rubber
grips, foam shoulder rests and rubber walking tips. The welded footplates are durable as well as stable for various skill levels. Ages 4+, up to 220 lbs. NSGST001 $54.99

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